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Oklahoma Multiblend Flagstone.jpg
Red Flagstone.jpg
Old Hickory Flagstone.jpg
2 inch flagstone.jpg

How to:

WET LAY:  This refers to setting the stones in a bed of mortar and packing the joints with grout. This results in a very smooth surface suitable for walking barefooted and sliding chairs. The general rule of thumb is to make your stone and mortar patio a total of 4″ thick when laid on compacted, consolidated ground. This is adequate for most foot traffic.

DRY LAY:  Without using any mortar, dry lay can sometimes be as simple as plopping down some step stones right onto the dirt. More formal patios can be dry laid but some thought to the base preparation might be necessary. Usually flagstone for a dry laid needs to be thicker to give it more mass and not as prone to tipping when you step right on the comer. Slabs are much better for a dry lay job because of their large size.


One Ton of 1″ flagstone will cover approximately 150 square feet
One Ton of 1.5″ flagstone will cover approximately 100 square feet
One Ton of 2″ flagstone will cover approximately 75 square feet


Flagstone – 1”


            Colorado Red

            Oklahoma Tan

            Old Hickory

            Oklahoma Multi-Blend

            Oklahoma Steppers

            Arkansas Sebastian


Flagstone – 2”




Granberry Chopped Stone.jpg
Oklahoma Chopped Stone.jpg
Chopped Stone

Our Chopped Stone selection is made up of various natural stones which can be used for building both residential and commercial. It is a great source for building outdoor and indoor living structures such as stone fire pit grills, serving areas, fireplaces, siding, curbing and flowerbed edging. Since these natural stone blocks are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, you have the flexibility to create the effect you want. 




Austin Chopped Stone
Austin White Chopped Stone.jpg
Austin Nicotine Chopped Stone.jpg
Milsap Chopped Stone.jpg

Austin Chopped Stone is a Texas Limestone which is white in base, with hints of yellow, orange and nicotine. Coloring can be heavier or lighter depending on nature. Austin Chopped comes in rough squares and rectangles. The heights will range from 4 inches to 8 inches tall and vary in length.  At Nix Landscape Supply, we offer a selection of three Austin Chopped Stones:

White:      White chopped stone with rust or grey accents that measures 4 inch by 6 inch in

                 random lengths. This is a very popular stone for borders, retaining walls, mail

                 boxes, well houses or accent stone for homes.

Nicotine:  The Nicotine color has a white base with various deposits of yellow and gold                             making it the perfect contrast to a Austin limestone wall


Milsap:     Milsap chopped stone is the same stone as the Milsap sawcut, but is more 

                 irregular. Many people find that this type of stone is more attractive when

                 installed than the sawcut 

Ledge Stones
Medium Ledge Stones.jpg
Large Ledge Stone.jpg

Ledge Stone is a pattern of stonework utilizing horizontal joints. The pattern is typically made up of individually stacked pieces of stone where the horizontal ledge is more defined than the vertical joins. Ledge Stone is great for many applications and at Nix Landscape Supply, we offer three sizes.




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