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Soil and Sand


Sandy loam topsoil is the outermost lower of soil -- usually the top five to 10 inches.  It has the highest concentration of organic matter and microorganisms and is where most of the Earth's biological soil activity occurs. Plants obtain many of their nutrients from this layer.  

Organic Topsoil
Organic Topsoil.jpg

Organic Topsoil is high in nutrients, organic matter, and microorganisms.  At Nix Landscape Supply, our Organic Topsoil is the perfect complement to your new garden or landscape project.  It will help your plants develop stronger roots, produce more fruit, and grow larger.

Bedding Soil.jpg
Bedding Soil

Get your landscape started off on the right foot with an improved soil base.  This soil mixture is a combination of compost and soil that can help revitalize your existing beds or be used to create new garden beds.

Red Select
Red Select.jpg

Red Select is ideal for construction and building purposes.  The high stability of this soil makes it the ideal choice for building up a foundation, raising a low area, and building pads for houses and barns. Red Select is highly compactable and contains a large amount of iron, which creates the red tint. 

White Mason Sand
White Mason Sand.jpg

White Masonry Sand is used widely by masons, and brick and block manufacturers for its highly attractive white color.  Masons are using this aggregate to achieve lighter mortar joints in brick or block work, but it can also be used in children's sandboxes, paver bedding, paver joints, volleyball courts, and animal pens.  It is commonly used in sand traps at golf courses.  

Yellow Mason Sand
Yellow Mason Sand.jpg

Popular Yellow Masonry Sand is widely used by masons and landscapers and is valued for its smooth and consistent performance.  At Nix Landscape Supply, our yellow sand is washed and screened, and golden yellow in color.  It is typically used for mortar work in block and brick installation.  It is also laid under swimming pool liners, poured in playground sandboxes, and used on volleyball courts.

Concrete Sand


Concrete Sabd.jpg

Concrete Sand is angular, construction-quality sand that is easy to move and level.  This makes Concrete Sand great for:

- Using as a leveling agent to level the base of a driveway, patio, wall, or walkway before placing the pavers; and
- Using as an amendment to soil to help keep it from clumping up.

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